Billing (2)

This section will help you to manage all your billing and sales easily.

Domain (9)

Your Domain registration comes with various options. Some are activated automatically while some may require your attention. Make sure that you have visited this section before using a support ticket.

Email (6)

Email is an essential feature of hosting. Visit this section to see the most common issues users face.

Linux Hosting (21)

Your hosting comes with all essential services that you shall need for your website. Find your questions about FTP, Databases, etc.

Pre Sales (9)

Finding a host for your website is tough. Give us a chance to prove the best option for you.

Reseller Hosting (1)

This section will help you learn about your reseller account with us. You can use it for basic understanding.

Scripts and Softwares (5)

Your Hosting comes with a range of srcipts and softwares from us. Check this section for more information on how to install / configure them.

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